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Metry Grows!

We are very happy to be able to announce that we have a few new people with us, as we head into the last quarter… Nakul Kapoor ( joined us a month or so ago; Nakul is a physicist and has been helping us on… Continue reading

Piezometer Measurements: Accuracy and Meaning

A leading geotechnical instrumentation manufacturer claims that the accuracy of their piezometers is 0.1% full scale, i.e. 1-in-a-Thousand. Does it mean that if I install a piezo, I know to an accuracy of 0.1% what the pore water pressure of the ground is? How much… Continue reading

New Premises for Metry

We have moved into our new premises in Takapuna, Auckland. We are sharing premises with another dynamic new company, AirQuality Ltd, and hoping to develop our technology platform with them. Our address is 21 Barrys Point Rd, Takapuna, down a driveway just before #19 (if… Continue reading

Metry – the name

After hearing a few interesting pronunciations of the company name, I thought I’d clarify! METRY comes from the Greek verb for Measure or Count  “μετρημα”, as in GEOMETRY (measure the Earth), TELEMETRY (measure remotely). Pronunciation is “Met Tree”, as in Telemetry.

Comments on the Shape Accel Array

At first glance, the SAA is an excellent product: good accuracy and small internode spacings are real selling points. An issue with the SAA is that Measurand’s proprietary software is required to convert measurements into inclination/displacement. This has the following consequences: In an automated system,… Continue reading


A couple of weeks into the venture, and our first (part-time) employee is on board, to do the things that I never do (admin). January was profitable – by some significant extent too, given the fact that we only got up-and-running half-way through, and there… Continue reading

We’re hiring…

Currently looking for a top-flight instrumentation person with Campbell and/or National Instruments background, specifically for mining & civil applications. Must be able to program in CR-Basic/Labview, and be generally IT-Architecture capable. Based either in Australia or New Zealand. Contact me at to discuss further.

Welcome to Metry

This is the beginning of a journey. Metry aspires to be a leader in changing the way we Monitor and Control on remote sites. We use off-the-shelf technology to bring you to your remote site, almost as if you’re there. We can help you with:… Continue reading