Ambient Software

Ambient software
provides the ability to Visualize and Monitor large scale Real-time data from a number of different sources and instruments (10’s, 100’s or even more). Problematic instruments can be spotted immediately, and critical decisions can be made based on the immediate overview of all your real-time series data.

The Real-time data is analysed and updates automatically. The raw data are accessible for future analysis. A customizable Intelligent Alarm System is integrated into Ambient Software to minimize false alarms. Email and text message alerts can be sent when instruments reach alarm levels (GREEN, YELLOW and RED).

Live Data is accessible Anywhere and Anytime


Ambient software offers an interactive GUI for easy customizable site setups.  Group data into Instrument type, Instrument location, Zone /area and many more.


The flexible customization provides the ability to interact with all, or individual instrument data information in drilldowns. This includes; adjustable time-series scale, instrument location on map, search and browse other instruments on the map.



All the data are stored in a secure and auditable database.