We have decades of experience integrating geophysical information with other site investigation information. We can help design geophysical surveys to meet project needs. We can supervise data acquisition and processing (or do it ourselves), and provide interpretations that are meaningful within the context of the investigation requirements.

Geophysical Methods

Our experience includes magnetotellurics, seismic reflection & refraction, MASW, resistivity tomography (2-D and 3-D), EM, microgravity, and ground probing radar. Strict QA/QC procedures are imposed during data acquisition. Software experience includes Oasis Montaj.


Interpretation of geophysical data is done within the context of the survey requirements, and with close reference to other information (boreholes, test-pits and lab results).


We are uniquely positioned to integrate geophysical data into general site investigation / exploration programs, with many decades of experience within the group.