Comments on the Shape Accel Array

At first glance, the SAA is an excellent product: good accuracy and small internode spacings are real selling points. An issue with the SAA is that Measurand’s proprietary software is required to convert measurements into inclination/displacement. This has the following consequences:

  • In an automated system, some sort of non-trivial scheduling process is required to run the Measurand software.
  • SAA files get big very quickly if measurements are taken at short intervals. The time it takes to process the SAA data in effect limits the minimum interval size.
  • It seems that the SAA files can get too big for Measurand’s software, meaning data files need to be split prior to processing, and then put together again after processing.
  • If a node on the SAA gives anomalous readings, it can be quite difficult to figure out if the root cause is system-related (faulty node), or due to ground displacement. This is because the methodology for converting as-read measurements to engineering units is proprietary, and a faulty node may mimic anomalous ground movement.
  • If a node is giving faulty readings, it is not clear what the consequences are for nodes below (i.e. are they going to be cut off if the node dies altogether).

Still, despite these issues, the SAA is a good product that we would not hesitate to recommend.

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